Žemaitija ethnographic region.

Section 76. Gaulėnai – Pavandenė.

This section of the route ends in Pavandenė town, which is part of the Varniai Regional Park. The surroundings of Pavandenė town with Gludas lake are included in Pavandenė Landscape Reserve. The reserve is characterized by the typical landscape of large individual hills featuring the distinctive Moteraitis, Sprūdė and Knabė hills, castle mounds, Gludas lake, the former Pavandenė manor site, the protected plant species – Hollow root (Corydalis cava), and the protected animal species – the Clouded Apollo (Parnassius Mnemosyne), the Old World swallowtail (Papilio machaon). In the Varniai Regional Park there stand the highest hills – mounds. Here stands the highest hill in Žemaitija – Medvėgalis (234 m above sea level), and the queen of the Lithuanian hills – Šatrija (228 m above sea level). It is believed that in one of the most beautiful hills of Žemaitija – Šatrija – gathered all the witches of Žemaitija. Hiking through this section of the Forest Trail there will be an opportunity to visit this mound and admire the scenic panorama of the surrounding area.