Souvenirs to bring home from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Hand-made and home-grown products from the countryside carry the true spirit of the country. Traditional products that originate from the past are still in use today. Pottery, natural textiles, knitwear, woodworking products, wax candles, herb teas, natural honey and other handmade and home-made things are favourite gifts. Souvenirs and gifts can be bought in specialised handicraft design shops in cities, in tourist information centres, at country outdoor markets in rural communities, from specialised home-producer shops and directly from producers while visiting them.


  • Hand-made textiles and knitwear: colourful mittens and socks, knitted sweaters, woollen slippers are favourites.
  • Wooden souvenirs: in souvenir shops you’ll nearly always find a corner with wooden craft pieces, famously these are made from juniper and you’ll know this wood by its very fragrant scent. Look for butter knives, tiny jewellery boxes, key chains, and trivets. Estonian artists are often inspired by nature, which means that wood and animals are often featured, there are also wooden phone covers, wooden bow ties, animal-shaped rings and etc.
  • Food souvenirs: look for chocolates, marzipan, kama (a mixture of roasted barley, rye, oat and pea flour eaten with buttermilk as a filling breakfast), dried fruit crisps, elk and wild boar meat sausages, sprats or black bread, craft beer and famous local liqueurs. You’ll also find lots of jams, juices and dried berries there too.


  • Hand-made textiles: authentic colours and patterns are used in contemporary designs of apparel. Natural materials like wool and linen are favourites. 
  • Pottery: clay pottery is a famous tradition and still in practical use. Mugs, plates and bowls in a variety of designs are used to serve food in traditional styles.
  • Herb teas: herb teas are popular, especially to go with sauna rituals. Herb farms produce high quality teas and mix various plants according to set recipes for medicinal and beauty treatment purposes as well as simply to offer tasty hot drinks. 
  • Honey: there is a great variety of honey sorts depending on the harvesting time and plants in the vicinity of bee-hives. Apiaries are located in pristine natural locations and the honey is pure and natural.
  • Jewellery: jewellery made of bronze, silver and other metals present ancient signs and symbols. Each one has a particular meaning and traditions of wearing.


  • Hand-made textiles: traditional linen clothes and sheets are popular. Lithuanian sash is a ribbon decorated with traditional patterns and used in the traditional Lithuanian costume. They are often handmade. Natural materials like wool and linen are favorites.
  • Drinks: mead, acorn coffee, berry wine and herbal tea from herbs that grow wild in Lithuania are some souvenirs you can bring from Lithuania. 
  • Food souvenir: look for rye bread, cake šakotis (tee cake) which is dry and sweet and cheese made from sweet white curd.
  • Honey: is the sweetest souvenir you can bring from Lithuania. It's a healthy alternative to sugar.
  • Jewellery: the amber is called as the gold of Lithuania and is used for making necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.