Žemaitija ethnographic region.

Section 76. Gaulėnai – Pavandenė.

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Monument to Vytautas the Great, Samogitian Baptist

Dedicated to the 600th anniversary of the baptism of Žemaitija (Samogitia).

Šatrija Hillfort

The most famous and most visited hill in Telšiai district. According to researchers, in ancient times on Šatrija Hill there was one of the most important pagan temples in this region, the significance of which disappeared after the baptism of Žemaitija. From Šatrija Hill there are wonderful views of hilly Žemaitija.

The Eternal Fire of Šatrija

600 years ago, the carriers of foreign cultures despised the eternal fire and it was taken away from our ancestors. In 1994, on the Šatrija Hill, according to the customs of Aistians and thanks to the efforts of Samogitian Honour Krivaitis A. Gedvilas, the Fire was lit again in his homestead. Since then, every year in mid-summer – on the third Saturday of July – the Fire is brought and lit on Šatrija Hill. In 2017, the Fire was returned to the Shrine of Šatrija. The Fire has been kept constantly burning by volunteer supervisors in Raudonkalnis. It is often carried up on Šatrija Hill.

Pavandenė Alkakalnis (Sklepkalnis)

On the steep slope of the shore of Gludas lake in 1904, after the death of the nobleman Leonardas Sakelis, his son Zigmantas Sakelis established a family mausoleum. The remains of other Sakelis' and previous owners of Pavandenė manor were also transferred to it.

Pavandenė, Church of St. Anne

An example of wooden sacral architecture with elements of Baroque and Classicist architectural styles.