Žemaitija ethnographic region.

Section 76. Gaulėnai – Pavandenė.

ACC CMPAccommodations

"Šatrijos vingis"

None in this section. The nearest accommodation is available in the house of the Viekšnaliai community “Šatrijos vingis”, about 2.5 km from the route (about 11 km from the destination), tel.: +370 68600429 (call in advance).

INF Tourism information

H Varniai Regional Park Visitors Center

Dumbrių street 3, Ožtakiai,
tel.: +370 44447415

H Žemaitija Tourism Information Center

Turgaus square 21, Telšiai,
tel.: +370 61863448

STO Shops


In Pavandenė

“Čia Market”

In Luokė

SRV Other services

NB! Catering none in this section.
NB! Pharmacies none in this section.

Public transport. Bus stop in Gaulėnai, GPS: 55.87047, 22.61139
Current bus routes and timetables: www.telsiuap.lt, www.autobusubilietai.lt