Žemaitija ethnographic region.

Section 86. Mosėdis – Skuodas.

Mosėdis – Skuodas To Skuodas in the Lithuanian/Latvian border area

From small-town of Mosėdis, along the Salantų and Skuodo streets, the Forest Trail winds towards Skuodas and after less than 8 km reaches the Salantai–Skuodas road (No. 169). The route goes through agricultural lands. The landscape changes when it enters the valley of the Bartuva river. The Forest Trail goes 0.5 km along the Salantai–Skuodas road, then turns left and winds 6.7 km on small country roads until it reaches the town of Skuodas. It continues along Kretingos, Laisvės and Krantinės streets, crosses Skuodas Park and via Gedimino, Vytauto and J. Basanavičiaus streets (road No. 169) until it reaches the state border.