Žemaitija ethnographic region.

Section 75. Šaukėnai – Gaulėnai.

In this section the Forest Trail crosses one of the largest rivers in Lithuania – the Venta river, only the Nemunas and the Neris rivers are ahead of the Venta in their length. The Venta is a river in north-western Lithuania and western Latvia. The length of the Venta river is 343,3 km. Further, turning towards Beržėnai manor, more than 14 km the trail winds through the surrounding fields and larger forest massifs – Barboravas, Užventis, Patumšiai. The area of Patumšiai forest is 629.6 ha. In this forest deciduous, mixed deciduous trees and conifers account for 41.5% of the total forest area. Hiking through this section it is possible to see wild animals. After passing the most forested part of this section, in the open cultivated fields white storks (Ciconia ciconia) can be found during the warm season. In Latvia and Lithuania, the white stork is common and an integral part of the rural landscape, but in many parts of Europe the white stork is either rare or even extinct.