Žemaitija ethnographic region.

Section 75. Šaukėnai – Gaulėnai.

Šaukėnai – Gaulėnai In the heart of the Žemaitija Upland

From the centre of Šaukėnai small town along Laisvės street, the Forest Trail reaches Kelmė Road (No. 2103), turns right to the north, and after 2.2 km on Road No. 215 turns left and continue on the Ramučiai–Užvenčio road (No. 159). After 3.5 km, the Forest Trail turns right to Beržėnai village, where it continues along Liepų and Degsnės streets. Behind Beržėnai, it winds for more than 14 km through the surrounding fields and forests until it reaches the Ramučiai-Luokė road (No. 2111). Walking quietly, there is a great opportunity to see wildlife at this section. After 3.6 km, the Forest Trail reaches the end of the section.