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Atkarpa 4. Karosta (Karinis uostas) - Ziemupe.

SEE Verta pamatyti

The Soviet army base

Some of the buildings are washed away into the sea, others have been turned into private houses.

The Ziemupe Evangelical Lutheran Church

Among other churches of Kurzeme, this church is distinguished by its modest dimensions (25 x 11 m) and architectural simplicity because it does not even have a belfry. +371 26274155

A swordfish exhibit

The swordfish that was washed ashore was 2,08 m long and weighted 37 kg, its bill or “sword” was around 70 cm long. +371 29437166

N The Ziemupe juniper forest

Can only be visited on guided tours. +371 29437166

N The Aužuļi linden tree

One of the grandest linden trees in Latvia (7,65). One of the broken branches has embedded into the ground and has started to sprout creating an unusual gate.