Great wave sea.

Atkarpa 12. Oviši village - Miķeļtornis village.

Oviši village - Miķeļtornis village Between Oviši Lighthouse and Miķeļbāka Lighthouse

The Baltic Coastal Hiking Route leads through the Oviši Nature reserve where the typical coastal scenery is formed by wide sandy beaches and dunes. Here, the materials naturally found on the beach, the pebbles and sand, create big natural mosaics. In Lūžņa village, military objects from different periods are of interest to visitors, yet near the estuary of the Lūžupe River the seasonal closure must be observed in order to protect the nesting birds: it is prohibited to go there from 01.04. to 15.07. You must go around this place by following the indications marked in the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route. The destination of the itinerary, the Miķeļbāka Lighthouse, can be seen from afar.