General information about Latvia & Estonia

  Estonia Latvia Lithuania
Capital Tallinn Riga Vilnius
Territory km² 45 227 64 573  65 300
Population 1 318 700 1 950 000 2 800 000
Population density: inhabitants per km² 28.8 30.02 43.0
Language Estonian.
Inhabitants also speak English, German or Russian.
Inhabitants also speak English, German or Russian.
Inhabitants also speak English, German or Russian.
Currency EUR EUR EUR
Country code +372 +371 +370
Local time GMT + 2 hours GMT + 2 hours GMT + 2 hours
Climate Warm summers, spring and autumn relatively mild, cold winters. The warmest month is July with average temperature +17oC, the coldest month is January with average temperature -4oC.

Good to know:

•    There are Tourist Information Centres in cities, towns and many rural villages. They offer maps, guidebooks, guide services and advice to tourists. 
•    Credit cards in use: Visa card, Master card. Cash and card payments are accepted in shops. When visiting the countryside it is advised to be prepared for using cash as card payments might not be accepted in all places. ATMs are easy to find in cities and towns. 
•    People in cities and young people usually speak English as their first foreign language. In the countryside, older generations might not speak any foreign language. Even if so, out of their natural hospitality they will always do their best to understand visitors and take good care. 
•    Prepaid SIM-cards are available from grocery stores and other distributors.
•    There is a good Wi-fi network coverage, however, in some remote rural areas internet might not always be available. 
•    Driving is on the right side of the road.
•    European C-type sockets.
•    Tap water is drinkable.
•    Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are considered to be a safe destination.
•    National speed limits in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania: 50 km/h in built-up areas and 90 km/h outside if no other speed limit is signposted.