Žemaitija ethnographic region.

Section 78. Biržuvėnai – Telšiai.

The Forest Trail behind the Biržuvėnai manor estate “disappears” in a huge forest massif. Almost half of its area is covered by pines, 24% by spruces and birches, 2% by white alders and 1% by aspens and black alders. Biržuvėnai forest is rich in blueberries and mushrooms, so it is a favourite place for locals for mushrooming and berry picking. Incoming visitors also have a unique opportunity to see a mythological ravine in the forest, reminiscent of a human footprint in its shape. This ravine is called the “Laumės pėda”. It is located near Biržuvėnai manor estate, on the left bank of Virvytė river.