Žemaitija ethnographic region.

Section 73. Dengtiltis – Kurtuvėnai.

SEE Worth seeing

Dengtiltis outcrop

Here you can see layers of sand and other sediments deposited by the melting waters of the glacier. There is a recreation area.

Geluva lake

Geluva lake , surrounded by forests, located in Kurtuvėnai Regional Park. In the southern part of the lake, the Niauka river flows towards the Deglė, tributary of the Dubysa river.

Barsukynas ridge

A long, narrow hill of exceptional size and appearance, which streches into the Pageluvis Landscape Reserve.

Pageluvis I and II mounds

Were used in the 1st millennium – the beginning of the 2nd millennium. Pageluvis first mound was built at the highest point of the Barsukyno ridge. It is believed that the construction of the second mound was not completed because there are no visible signs of fortifications. It is possible that this is part of the unfinished fortification complex associated with the Pageluvis first mound.

Zuikiškės oak

The largest oak in Kurtuvėnai Regional Park. Although not very thick, it is one of the highest. State-protected botanical object.

Kurtuvėnai church of St. Jacob the Apostle

Late Baroque church in Kurtuvėnai town, on the left bank of flooded Kurtuva. The uniqueness of the church – the main altar. In the niche on the right side there were the family lodges of the owners of the manor. There is a wooden bell tower in the church garden.