Dzūkija ethnographic region.

Section 53. Trikojis – Didžiasalis.

Trikojis – Didžiasalis Forests rich in forest goods – mushrooms and berries

From Trikojis lake and Bertašiūnai village, the Forest Trail goes south along the road No. 2517, crosses the Leipalingis–Kapčiamiestis road (No. 2505) and Viktarinas village. Further on, the trail turns around Stirtos lake and winds its way through wide forest massifs, where in some places you can see fields and small villages. In summer, the forest is rich in blueberries and mushrooms. Then, the Forest Trail crosses the canal connecting the Baltajis Bilsas and Juodajis Bilsas lakes, rises on the steep shore of the lake and turns south. From here you can see Didžiasalis village. The section from Trikojis lake to Viktarinas village belongs to the Veisiejai Regional Park.