Dzūkija ethnographic region.

Section 55. Žiogeliai – Merkinė.

Žiogeliai – Merkinė Through the Dzūkija National Park

Up to the Merkys estuary to the Nemunas, the Forest Trail leads along the banks of the Nemunas valley, where it is surrounded by large and beautiful forests of Dzūkija in the vicinity of the Dainava Lowland (Dainavos lyguma). In some places in the forest massif there are open places where small villages are scattered. Nearby Česukai village, the Forest Trail forms a large circle around the Merkys estuary to the Nemunas, because the nearest bridge is on the A4 road. Here you can see picturesque landscapes over the wide and deep Merkys valley. After crossing Merkys, the Forest Trail stretches along a narrow country road on the left bank of the river and leads to the Merkinė mound, from which one of the most beautiful landscapes of Southern Lithuania opens up. Along the small and winding streets of Merkinė (Piliakalnio, V. Sladkevičiaus, S. Dariaus and S. Girėno) the Forest Trail reaches the town centre. This section of the Forest Trail is a part of Dzūkija National Park.