Dzūkija ethnographic region.

Section 52. Veisiejai – Trikojis.

Veisiejai – Trikojis Through the Veisiejai Regional Park

After leaving the centre of Veisiejai town, the Forest Trail crosses the channel of Veisiejai lake, then, along Vytauto, Turgaus and Leipalingio streets (road No. 134), it takes you to the shore of Snaigynas lake, where there is an observation tower and recreation places. After crossing a small forest massif near Veisiejai, the Forest Trail leads for about 1.4 km on the Veisiejai – Barčiai (No. 2529) road, then turns right. It continues through a beautiful pine forest along Ančia lake, which is rich in berries and mushrooms. Turning to the east, the Forest Trail approaches Barčiai village from the south, and further to Trikojis lake leads through cereal fields. At the bay of Trikojis lake, the Forest Trail crosses wooded areas and goes to road No. 2517. This section of the Forest Trail is part of the Veisiejai Regional Park.