Dzūkija ethnographic region.

Section 56. Merkinė – Nemunaitis.

Merkinė – Nemunaitis Along the Nemunas valley

In Merkinė small town, the Forest Trail goes along Seinų street in the direction of the Nemunas, turns right and comes to the observation tower. It offers an excellent landscape over the wide river valley and the island in the Nemunas river, which is grazed by livestock. For more than 3 km, the Forest Trail moves to the steep slopes of the Nemunas valley, then sharply turns to the north and further goes along small forest roads to the villages of Netiesos and Druskininkai. After Druskininkai village, it crosses the largest open area of this section with beautiful views. Then the Forest Trail runs along the Nemunas valley, but the river itself is not visible from the trail. In some places along the way there are hills with steep slopes. At Vangelonys village, the Forest Trail comes out again in an open place, crosses a small forest massif and reaches the main street of Nemunaitis village along Vangelonių and Saulėtekio streets. Part of this section from Merkinė to Druskininkai village is located in Dzūkija National Park.