North Estonian Coastline.

Section 42. Oandu‒Käsmu.

Oandu‒Käsmu Käsmu captains' village and ship building site

The next 9 kilometres of the Forest Trail between Oandu and Võsu coincide with the RMK trail, so be aware of the change of the signs. The trail goes through a beautiful, wooded inland dune area, where hikers can see cuts on pine trees, used to extract resin from the trees. Resin was obtained in the Baltic States using this method up to the 1960s-1970s. Trees are richly covered in lichen, indicating that the air is clean. In autumn, mushrooms and blueberries adorn the edges of the trail. After passing through Võsu village (a popular resort), the Forest Trail continues along a beautiful coastal forest promenade to Käsmu village. It is worth walking an additional extra kilometre to the Vana-Jüri rocks and the historical sites of Käsmu at the tip of the peninsula.