North Estonian Coastline.

Section 50. Püünsi‒Tallinn.

Püünsi‒Tallinn Most beautiful sights of Old Tallinn

The Forest Trail passes by the Gulf of Tallinn, and beautiful views of the towers, harbour and skyscrapers of the city can be seen as early as in Püünsi. The Forest Trail turns into a beautiful pine forest before Pirita, then follows along a sandy beach for 2 km. Behind Pirita all the way to the Port of Tallinn, the Forest Trail takes you along the beautiful city waterfront promenade, which overlooks the city’s most important cultural and historical sites, and offers beautiful views of the sea and the port. The final destination of the Forest Trail is located in the Port of Tallinn, next to the Old Town. You can spend another day or two visiting various tourist locations of Tallinn.