Pärnu town and fishing villages.

Day 33. Häädemeeste - Uulu.

SEE Worth seeing

NLuitemaa Nature Reserve (Luitemaa looduskaitseala)

This beautiful area is mostly valued for its spacious seaside meadows, filled with birds, sand dunes, marshes and pine-trees in the dunes. The sightseeing tower located between the tops of highest pine-trees in the Baltics, provide a magnificent view of the surroundings.

NUulu Beach Pines and Surju Beach Forest Reserve

was created to protect the nearby pine forests.

Uulu village

There is a village cemetery from 1514 and the Elisabeth Lutheran Church Union House (EELK Elisabeti kiriku abikirik) in this village.

Uulu Manor Park

You can walk the paths of the former Manor Park past the Uulu Pier, reaching the baron’s rose garden and the jetty.

Uulu Rose Garden (Uulu Pier (Uulu Pulvärk))

the estate manager placed a commemorative sign on Uulu Pier in 1881 to honour the visit of the emperor. Later locals started to call this place - the Rose Garden. In 2012 the commemorative sign and the Rose Garden were restored.