Pärnu town and fishing villages.

Section 35. Pärnu - Liu.

Pärnu - Liu The Most Beautiful Views of Pärnu Bay and Smoked Fish

The Baltic Coastal Hiking Route meanders on the outskirts of the west of Pärnu, crosses the Audru River and turns towards Valgeranna, the southern side of which is surrounded by a thick forest and a white sandy beach, while to the north you will find a golf course. After passing Valgeranna, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route advances between the polders across the northern part of Pärnu Bay. From the Audru polders you will see the most spectacular views of Pärnu Bay. After Audru reeds, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route turns south and leads through coastal fishing villages with small ports and berths. Here you can see the daily life of fishermen and if you are lucky, then also taste smoked fish.