Pärnu town and fishing villages.

Section 40. Varbla - Pivarootsi.

Varbla - Pivarootsi Coastal Manors

The Baltic Coastal Hiking Route goes along coastal roads, yet the sea is only visible in two places as its shore is dappled with shallow coves, small islets, damp coastal meadows, reeds, lagoons, bogs and lakes that have separated from the sea. In the surroundings of Varbla-Allika, you will see farmland scenery, while the Allika-Tamba section mostly goes through beautiful forests. After bypassing the Paatsalu and Illuste Manors, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route continues on a road crossing wetlands in Nehatu Nature reserve and near Muriste village it meanders along a road, on the side of which there is an impressive rock fence. Before reaching Pivarootsi Manor, vast pastures and a view of the bay appear in sight.