Pärnu town and fishing villages.

Day 33. Häädemeeste - Uulu.

Practical information

Length: 26 km

Duration: 8 – 10 h

Start: Häädemeeste, Metsa tänav Street next to the Tallinn – Pärnu (E67, No. 4) road

Finish: Uulu next to the Tallinn – Pärnu (E67, No. 4) road, 

Itinerary: Häädemeeste – Papisilla – Sooküla – Võidu – Soometsa – Lepaküla – Uulu

Road surface: Forest roads and small trails, in some sections, gravel road, sand, roads overgrown with grass, asphalt in the most populated areas.

Difficulty level: 

Obstacles: There are wetlands on the coast, so this section of the itinerary moves inland. You can cross the streams by bridge. In some places, trees may have fallen upon the trail.

Dangerous places: Near Häädemeeste, you will have to cross the Tallinn – Pärnu (E67, No. 4) road. This has to be done carefully, checking traffic safety.

Good to know! No catering services are offered, and no shops are available throughout the whole section of the itinerary between Häädemeeste and Uulu.

Alternatives: The itinerary can be covered by using the road which goes parallel to it. In the Häädemeeste – Uulu section, intercity buses run on the Tallinn – Pärnu road.