Pärnu town and fishing villages.

Section 31. Ikla - Kabli.

Ikla - Kabli Along the Paths of the Historic Resort

Ikla is the start of the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route in Estonia. In the section connecting Ikla and Treimani, the route leads you along the old Pärnu–Riga road as meadows and reeds stretch across the seashore. After passing Treimani, the trail turns towards the sea and the next 2,8 km are covered across a narrow, sandy or rocky and occasionally thickly overgrown beach. After bypassing the Orajõe Brook, next to the parking lot the trail returns to the beach followed by a hike of ~ 4 km to Hotel Lepanina. There you will have to return to the old Pärnu–Riga road leading you to Kabli. Several good birdwatching sites are located on the itinerary. The coastal area up to Pärnu is a popular relaxation and swimming area.