Pärnu town and fishing villages.

Section 34. Uulu - Pärnu.

Uulu - Pärnu Along the Wetlands to Pärnu

First, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route takes the old coastal roads surrounded by pine forests, but after passing Lottemaa Park it turns towards the sea and comes out at Reiu beach. Next, the hike continues across an overgrown beach (wide shoals when the winds create an outflow of water) and after a little less than 4 km you have to turn inland, cross a golf course and turn in the direction of Pärnu. Near the Raeküla district, it snakes along a small trail forming the border between the large coastal wetland and the forest. Having looped around the wetland for ~ 6 km, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route emerges at Pärnu beach. Further on, the road goes through the western part of Pärnu Old Town, crosses the Pärnu River and the Sauga River and ends in the Vana-Pärnu district.