Little wave sea.

Section 16. Kolka - Ģipka.

Kolka - Ģipka Along The “Closed Coast”

At Cape Kolka, when turning towards the Gulf, you can clearly see the difference between the “Great Sea” and the “Little Sea”. The first 10 km of the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route lead through the coastal area of the Slītere National Park: first, past pine trees that are washed into the sea, past the building of a former fishing kolkhoz, a ship berth and Ēvaži Bluff which is surrounded by an unusually narrow sandy beach with overhanging black alders. The next section of the trail leading to Ģipka also has a narrow sandy beach with pools created by the rich springfens and the mouths of small streams that are shallow in summer. During Soviet times, the seacoast of the Slītere National Park was a closed territory for two reasons: it was a frontier zone and a nature reserve.