Little wave sea.

Section 19. Mērsrags - Engure.

Mērsrags - Engure In the Engure Nature Park

A forest trail surrounded by pine trees leads you from the center of the village to the beach. Next, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route meanders between a rocky seacoast richly overgrown with reeds and other grasses on one side and wooded seaside dunes on the other side. In some places, the beach is paved with small round stones, in other places you can see grey dunes with a rich variety of plants. Near Bērzciems village, there are large coastal meadows with shoals appearing far away in the sea that are suited for birdwatching. Overgrown seacoast continues up to Abragciems village, while from Abragciems to Engure there is a beach.