Tukums and Ķemeru National park.

Section 99. Jāņukrogs – Bigauņciems.

Jāņukrogs – Bigauņciems Through Ķemeri National Park

After crossing the area with some homesteads, the Forest trail winds through beautiful coniferous forests and further 6.5 km along Čaukciems until the turn to the Green Dune leads along the side of the Antiņciems–Smārde road The neighbourhood is flat, as the section is part of the Engure plain of the Piejūras Lowland. The Green Dune (Zaļā kāpa) offers wide views of the Green Bog (Zaļais purvs) and the Witches' Bog (Raganu purvs). A small forest road bends along the lower part of the dune and in two places crosses the bog along wooden footbridges. In Ķemeri, the Forest Trail moves along Partizāna, Robeža, A. Upīša, Katedrāles and E. Dārziņa streets, along the Forest House and Vēršupīte, into which the waters of sulphur springs flow. Crossing Tūristu street, it continues along the Dūņu road to the Sloka lake. Further the trail crosses the Vēršupīte swamp forest, which is one of the most outstanding wet forest habitats in the whole part of the trail in Kurzeme. At Melnezers it turns onto the Old Ķemeri road and after 2 km it reaches Bigauņciems. Behind the Talsi highway, the Forest Trail reaches the shore of the Gulf of Riga and connects with the Coastal Hiking Trail. The Forest Trail runs through the Ķemeri National Park along the entire section.