Northern Gauja Forestland.

Section 9. Valmiera - Strenči.

Mainly pine stands of different ages. As the Gauja River approaches, the forest landscape changes rapidly, and trees such as oaks, ash, wych elm, fluttering elm, aspen, black alder appear. The pine and oak stands growing here are almost 200 years old. The forests in the Northern Gauja (“Ziemeļgauja”) protected landscape area  are very diverse. There are old or natural boreal (northern) forests and marsh forests, oak forests, alluvial forests (formed on river sediments which periodically flood) and mixed oak, wych elm and ash forests along the river. The many old and branched oaks indicate that there used to be park-like meadows and landscapes here, which have been mowed or grazed since. There are many bird cages in the trees, the largest of which are intended for a rare dweller of the woods, the common dormouse.