Northern Gauja Forestland.

Section 9. Valmiera - Strenči.

Valmiera - Strenči Along Abuls to Strenči, the capital of rafters

The trail passes through the historical centre of Valmiera and the Atpūtas Park, which is a popular place among hikers and Nordic walkers, then crosses the suspension bridge, passes Pauku priedes pine forest and Baiļu kalns. From there it follows the Abuls Trail, curving along the banks of the river until reaching the Brenguļi Brewery, and further down, beyond Pūpoli, enters vast, unpopulated forest areas. The first part of this section passes by numerous small summer cottage villages with names such as Enerģētiķis, Saulītes, Sprīdītis, Gaujmaļi, Pūpoli and Gaujaslāči, which were initially established during the Soviet period as summer cottage neighbourhoods of the people of Valmiera and the surrounding territories. Near Ūdriņas, the Forest Trail leads through a labyrinth of the riverbeds and turns north, crossing the Gauja Bridge, where a resting and boating stop is located. The centre of Strenči is located at a 1.5 km distance. Part of the section passes through the Northern Gauja protected landscape area.