Northern Gauja Forestland.

Section 10. Strenči - Spicu Bridge.

Strenči - Spicu Bridge Through the beautiful forests of Vidzeme

The beginning of the Forest Trail at this section coincides with the Gauja Nature Trail, which runs along the very bank of the river. The Forest Trail crosses the A3 in two places (before the turn to Seda and before Kauči) (be careful!) and continues along small forest roads, a sand-gravel quarry, then continues down a gravel road at the turn to Oliņas. After 3.5 km, turn right again and follow the route to Spicu Bridge via small and remote forest roads where some of the most beautiful sights of the Northern Gauja (“Ziemeļgauja”) protected landscape area can be seen by the so called Zemā sala (Low Isle). A picnic area and a camp are located at the end of this section, where the P24 crosses the Spicu Bridge.