Along the banks of the Dubysa river valley.

Section 69. Kirkšnovė – Kaulakiai.

Practical information

Length: 25 km

Duration: 6 – 9 h

Starting point: Krikšnovė pond

End point: Kaulakiai village by Dubysa Regional Park Administration (located 0.7 km from the main route) 

The course of the route: Vandžiai – Smulkiškė – Pakalniškiai – Maslauskiškiai – Kybartėliai – Kaulakiai

Road surface: Very small country gravel or natural roads, trails.

Difficulty: Hard

Obstacles: In some places the trail may be overgrown.

Danger points: Some places have steep slopes, a coastal erosion has occurred in one.

Good to know! Shops are only in Betygala village, located just over a kilometre from the main route, and in Kaulakiai village. At this section, the Forest Trail crosses the yard of the farm (GPS: 55.32639, 23.34747).