Along the banks of the Dubysa river valley.

Section 72. Aukštiškiai – Dengtiltis.

Aukštiškiai – Dengtiltis Through the picturesque Šimša Forest

The section of the route leads to the East Žemaitija Upland (also known as East Samogitian Upland). The Forest Trail bends through for 5 km between cultivated fields, crosses the Šiauliai – Tauragė railway line and reaches Kiaunoriai village through small forest roads in Šimša Forest in Tytuvėnai Regional Park. It leads through the village along the main street – Draugystės street, and after 0.5 km turns left to the northwest (road No. 2122); after 4 km it reaches Pašiaušė village. After another 4 km, the Forest Trail descends into the Dubysa valley and turns left, where it meanders along the right bank of the river. After 0.5 km, the route reaches the final destination of the section. Dengtiltis and the next section of the Forest Trail are located in Kurtuvėnai Regional Park.