Along the banks of the Dubysa river valley.

Section 69. Kirkšnovė – Kaulakiai.

Dubysos regional park was founded in 1992. It covers the impressive Dubysa valley, which is up to 40 m deep and 0.5 km wide. The beautiful slopes of the valley are crossed by deep ravines of lateral tributaries. Important habitats that are protected at European level are found here, such as dry grasslands in calcareous soils, species-rich pastures and pasture meadows dominated by local cattle, moderately moist meadows, old natural boreal (northern) forests, sloping and ravine forests and oak groves. A total of 805 plant species and 922 animal species have been found here, many of which are protected and rarely found in Lithuania and Baltic States. The unusual beauty of this place has influenced the ancient pagan traditions – Betygala was home to the last pagan priest Gintautas, who was called Krivių Krivaitis. This was the name of the chief priests of the Baltic nations. An ethnographic museum was established in the homestead of the birthplace of the famous Lithuanian poet Maironis (1862–1932) The park visitor centre is located in Kaulakiai village.