Along the banks of the Dubysa river valley.

Section 69. Kirkšnovė – Kaulakiai.

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Ročiškė mound

It is speculated that the Voruta castle of the famous King Mindaugas may have been here.

Ugoniai chapel

It is built above a fountain considered sacred. Spring water is believed to have healing powers.

St. Virgin Mary's Assumption church in Ugoniai

A stone church with the features of folk classicism was built in 1836, using the stones of the Dubysa–Venta canal.

Betygala I mound

Trails, viewing area. There is a chapel.

Monkey Bridge

Built on the site of a former bridge for strollers and other vehicles. During the Soviet years, it was destroyed by an icebreaker.

The spring of St. John

According to people, its bubbling water is real, alive and provides energy.

Lelyko river outcrop

Lelykas - nedidelis Dubysos intakas, besiraizgantis miškingomis ir kalvotomis Betygalos apylinkėmis. Lelyko srovė ties Betygala ardo stačius upelio krantus, o artėjant prie Dubysos atidengia susiformavusią kraštovaizdžio istoriją.

Betygala community house

Educational programs “Bread Path”, “Tea Path” are being implemented. There is a tea garden where you can get acquainted with the types of tea and their cultivation.

Church of St. Nicholas, Betygala

Įdomus faktas, jog Betygaloje kunigavo Mikalojus Daukša. Bažnyčia neobarokinio stiliaus, turi klasicistinių bruožų. Greta stovi varpinė. Tel.: +37042843440

Monument to Vytautas the Great

The monument is dedicated to Vytautas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania.

Betygala Museum

The exposition of the history of Betygala honors its compatriots. The geological exposition includes minerals, rocks, fossils, shells from all over the world.

Burbiškės Manor

The manor house and fragments of the park have survived.

Maslauskiškiai water mill

Built in 1895, made of brick and stone, it belonged to the former manor here. It suffered during World War II but was rebuilt. Visiting by prior arrangement.

Paliepiukai multi-stem linden

On the bank of Dubysa, about 30 m from the bank, grows an impressive multi-stem linden.

H Dubysa Regional Park Directorate

There is an exposition on the topic “Sung Dubysa”; information is provided to travellers.