Along the banks of the Dubysa river valley.

Section 67. Vilkija – Padubysys.

Vilkija – Padubysys Between the valleys of two rivers – the Nemunas and the Dubysa

The first kilometre the Forest Trail leads along the very bank of the Nemunas, then turns off the Kaunas–Jurbarkas road (No. 141) and continues on a pedestrian / bicycle path to Ringovė mound. Turning to the right to the north, the Forest Trail crosses a small forest massif (entomological nature reserve for insect protection) and further follows the road No. 1929. After 2 km, the Forest Trail turns left and travels through agricultural lands. Before Lazduoniai village, it crosses the deep valley of the Lazduona river, follows the road No. 1917 for 0.2 km and then turns right to the northwest until it reaches the deep and wide Dubysa river valley. In the next 2 km, the Forest Trail winds along a country road on the left bank of the Dubysa, where you can see rare farmsteads. The river water is clear in summer, the flow is calm and it is interrupted only by the remnants of the former mill dam. Finally, the Forest Trail winds up on the steep bank of the Dubysa river valley and reaches the destination of this section.