Along the banks of the Dubysa river valley.

Section 69. Kirkšnovė – Kaulakiai.

Kirkšnovė – Kaulakiai Through Dubysa Regional Park

About 0.5 km after Kirkšnovė the Forest Trail turns left from the Ariogala–Betygala road (No. 3504) and then up to the destination at the Raseiniai–Baisogala road (No. 225) winds along the bends of the Dubysa river, where floodplain meadows alternate with small forest massifs and little villages. In some places there are vast views of the high banks of the Dubysa valley and the castle mounds. There is a pronounced land relief in this section – the Forest Trail winds up and down the steep slopes of the shores, ensuring a memorable hiking experience. This is a section for hikers – “gourmets”!