Dzūkija ethnographic region.

Section 52. Veisiejai – Trikojis.

SEE Worth seeing

Veisiejai St. George's Church

It is the largest church in Lazdijai region, also known as Dzūkija Cathedral.

The historical centre of Veisiejai town

The old part of Veisiejai, formed before the end of the 19th century.

Veisiejai Regional Museum

A large part of the exhibition is dedicated to the ophthalmologist, creator of the international Esperanto language L. L. Zamenhof who in 1885 came to work in Veisiejai and here finished creating Esperanto. Tel.: +370 31856535

Veisiejai monument in memory of Lithuanian partisans

Located on the northeastern side of the cemetery, at the end of the main road, on a hillside.

Snaigynas – Veisiejai observation tower

Located in the northwestern part of Snaigynas lake. From the 15 m high observation tower you can admire the three islands of the lake and the panorama of Veisiejai.

Ančia lake

Ančia lake – the largest lake in the territory of Veisiejai Regional Park, which covers an area of 490 ha. Long, winding, similar to a wide river, it surrounds the town of Veisiejai.

Hiking trail on the shore of Ančia lake

A walk along the circular route is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the biological diversity of the forest. Length of the route: 4 km.