North Estonian Coastline.

Section 41. Eisma‒Oandu.

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Vainupea chapel

Tel: +372 55 598 316.

Vainupea cemetery

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Altja nature and cultural heritage trail
Altja nature and cultural trail is located in Lahemaa National Park and is 3 km long. It begins on the headland at Altja where you cross the suspension bridge. The trail passes through the fishing village and the surrounding environment, from its stony beaches to the flats of the Altja River.
Altja Suurkivi/Titekivi

Erratic boulder.

Altja fishing huts

Typical old fishing huts.

Altja old fishing village
Altja is a typical seaside village, with all of its houses stretching along one street. The village was first mentioned in written records in 1465. The Uustalu and Toomarahva farms at Altja are typical coastal farms and have been restored by Lahemaa National Park. On the headland of Altja, you can see the fishing net sheds which were reconstructed on the basis of old photographs and the memories of the villagers. The village also has its own swing and tavern, where you can try local dishes.
Beaver trail

1 km long.

RMK Oandu visitor centre

Exposition, information, different trails. Tel: +372 5099397.