North Estonian Coastline.

Section 41. Eisma‒Oandu.

ACC CMPAccommodations

Adami Guesthouse

Tel: +372 5584538.

H Toomarahva Tourist Farm

Tel: +372 5050850.

Villa Oandu Watermill

Tel: +372 5045782.

Oanduaia Forest Relax Spa

Tel: +372 5202044.

H Haaviku Nature Lodge

Tel: +372 5108325.

H Vergi Guesthouse

Tel: +372 55576426.

Vergi Holiday Houses

Tel: +372 56186861.

FSR Catering

Altja tavern

Open during summer time. Tel: +372 53418513.

INF Tourism information

Rakvere Tourist Information Centre

Rakvere, Lai 20. Tel: +372 3242734.

RMK Oandu visitor centre

Exposition, information, different trails. Tel: +372 5099397.

RPL Resting area

RMK Mustoja free campsite CFTE

Camping for 9 tents (for 4).

RMK Oandu free campsite CFTE

Camping for 15 tents (for 4).

SRV Other services

Shops: The nearest shop is in Võsu.

Public transport: Bus traffic from Vainupea and Altja a couple of times a day.