South Kurzeme.

Section 91. Aizpute – Snēpele.

Aizpute – Snēpele In the footsteps of baron von Manteuffel

The Forest Trail along Atmodas and Jelgavas streets winds through Aizpute, after the Laža water reservoir turns right, and approaches the Kazdanga manor park with a large circle from the south. As a small path, it leads along Dzirnavu lake through the manor park, around the manor and Zēnu pond, for 0.7 km continues along the Kazdanga–Cildi road (V1200) and then turns right onto the Snēpele–Kazdanga road (V1296). Up to the country house “Zemturi”, the Forest Trail gradually rises in the Bandava hills of the Rietumkursa Upland, revealing beautiful views in both directions. The height of the relief here reaches a maximum of about 81 m above sea level. From “Zemturi”, for about 12 km , the Forest Trail leads through a sparsely populated forest massif and only in the last 3 km comes out again in an open area with agricultural lands and farmsteads, reaching Snēpele.