South Kurzeme.

Section 90. Kalvene – Aizpute.

Kalvene – Aizpute To Aizpute – one of the oldest cities in Latvia

The Forest Trail winds along the small streets of Kalvene to the Aizpute–Kalvene road (P115), for 1.4 km leads along its side and then turns right. Then the Forest Trail crosses the Jelgava– Liepāja railway and winds along a small country road all the way to Bojas village. There are many former fish ponds in the area. The open landscape is occasionally enlivened by a farmstead, where you can sometimes buy locally grown and prepared food. After the Kazdanga–Mazbojas road (V1299), the Forest Trail crosses the Grantnieki quarry. In the section from Kalvene to Bojas, the Forest Trail leads through the Bandava hills of the Rietumkursa Upland, where the highest relief points slightly exceed 100 m above sea level. After Bojas, the Forest Trail crosses the Laža river and at the Tebra river comes out again on the Aizpute–Kalvene road, along which it leads to Aizpute. Along Kalvenes and Atmodas streets, the Forest Trail reaches the centre of the town.