Cliffs and waterfalls of Northwestern Estonia.

Section 60. Tabasalu - Tallinna sadam.

Tabasalu - Tallinna sadam Tallinn – A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Near Tabasalu, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route crosses the boundary of Tallinn and goes through the Tiskre and Vismeistri districts to reach Kakumäe beach, where it takes  you on a stroll around the wooded upper part of the Kakumäe Peninsula surrounded by cliffs. Here, you will have a vista of the Port of Tallinn across Kopli Bay. Opposite the Õismäe district, an excellent promenade goes along the seashore. After bypassing the Estonian Open-Air Museum, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route winds along the coastal promenade up to Stroomi beach and after passing the Pelguranna district it takes pedestrian sidewalks to the Estonian Maritime Museum, where it leads you, via the coastal promenade, to the Port of Tallinn, marking the end of the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route. You have covered ~ 620 km in Estonia.