Cliffs and waterfalls of Northwestern Estonia.

Section 55. Padise - Paldiski.

Padise - Paldiski Paldiski: The Former Closed and Top Secret Town

Starting from Padise up to Karilepa, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route winds through small country roads, while further on to Madise it goes along the side of the road. From the ancient seacoast of the Madise church hill, you will have magnificent views of Paldiski Bay and the Pakri Islands. From Madise to Paldiski, the itinerary continues along the side of the abovementioned road up to the South Harbour and, by going along it, the route reaches the railway station located in the southern part of Paldiski. During Soviet times, Paldiski was a closed town with a military port and a nearby nuclear submarine training base at the Pakri Peninsula that operated using a small nuclear reactor.