Cliffs and waterfalls of Northwestern Estonia.

Section 59. Vääna - Jõesuu - Tabasalu.

Vääna - Jõesuu - Tabasalu The Fabled Suurupi Peninsula

One of the most complicated sections of the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route, suitable only for experienced hikers. The itinerary circles the Suurupi Peninsula where the dense forests conceal the military heritage of different eras. The Baltic Coastal Hiking Route meanders through overgrown and rocky seacoasts, birch groves, along former pioneer camps and sand-stone cliffs protecting coves with sharp capes. In some places, the sea uncovers its dolomite base, while in other places you can see boulder “islands”. At the end of the itinerary, one of the most astounding outcrops of the Estonian littoral rises before your eyes – the Rannamõisa Cliffs, which gives views of Kakumäe Bay and Peninsula and the towers of Tallinn’s Old Town.