Great wave sea.

Section 3. Bernāti - Liepāja - Karosta (The War Port).

Bernāti - Liepāja - Karosta (The War Port) The City Where The Wind Is Born

From Bernāti to Liepāja, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route leads through a wide beach where initially the coast is formed by washed away shores, but as you approach Liepāja high foredunes covered in sand ryegrass and marram grass appear in sight. Later the trail winds through the old town of Liepāja and “New Liepāja”, crossing the Naval Port Canal to reach the Naval Port: a complex of military and fortification buildings the visitation of which is likely to take a half day. You should certainly try the special dish of Liepāja called Liepājas menciņi made of smoked cod according to an ancient recipe from Southern Kurzeme.