Great wave sea.

Section 8. Sārnate - Užava.

Sārnate - Užava The Most Beautiful Scenery Of The Latvian Seacoast

Near Sārnate, you can still see the bluffs of the Baltic Sea, which slowly become lower towards the North and is replaced by a washed away dam of foredunes. Between Vendzavas village and the Užava Lighthouse, you can see coastal sceneries that are quite unusual for Latvia and that remind one of sandy and rocky deserts with sparse vegetation: it used to be a firing ground for the Soviet army. In this place and in the territories of former firing grounds located beyond the Užava Lighthouse, there are now grey foredunes. Getting closer to the estuary of the Užava River, the beach becomes wider and the dunes – lower. The most beautiful scenery of the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route can be seen from the top of the romantic Užava Lighthouse.