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Atkarpa 41. Pivarootsi - Virtsu.

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N Laelatu Forest Meadow (Laelatu puisniit)

has served as hay land and a pasture for many centuries. Here you can find nearly the richest flora habitat in Northern Europe.

N Puhtu-Laelatu Nature Reserve

is an important recreational park for migrating birds and many protected species of orchids grow in this territory.

Puhtu walking trail (Puhtu matkarada)

A 1.4 km long gravel road leads up to the sightseeing tower on the beach.

A commemorative sign for Friedrich Schiller

Puhtu island has one of the first monuments in the world for this renowned poet.

Puhtu Bird Watching Tower (Puhtu linnuvaatlustorn)

is an interesting place to watch the spring migration of birds.