Along the banks of the Dubysa river valley.

Section 71. Šiluva – Tytuvėnai – Aukštiškiai.

Tytuvėnai Regional Park (Tytuvėnų regioninis parkas) was founded in 1992 to preserve the hilly, forested, laky, swampy landscape, historical Šiluva and Tytuvėnai urban monuments, unique nature and cultural heritage values. The creator of the terrain here, as elsewhere in the Baltic States, has been a glacier that has brought and left behind long ridges of boulders. The greatest natural value is the elongated chain of lakes surrounded by century-old pine forests. The park grows old and natural boreal forests, old and mixed deciduous forests with oaks, lindens, maples, ashes and elms, species-rich spruce forests, swamp forests, sloping and ravine forests and alluvial (flooded) forests. In the middle of the park there are large wetlands (called tyruliai) – homes for wetland birds and various animals. Thousands of cranes (Grus grus) gather here every year during migrations. In the visitor center of Tytuvėnai Regional Park it is possible to get acquainted with the life of these birds and look from above, like a crane’s eye view, to see the most interesting sights of the park.