North Estonian Coastline.

Section 49. Muuga‒Püünsi.

Practical information

Length: 19 km

Duration: 6-8 h

Starting point: Muuga, Kallavere street

End point: Püünsi, Rohuneeme street

The course of the route: Muuga‒Randvere‒Leppneeme‒Rohuneeme‒Püünsi

Road surface: Mainly paved pedestrian roads, gravel roads and trails for a small section

Difficulty: Easy

Keep in mind: There are no shops or caterers between the start and finish points of this section.

Danger points: The trail leads through the former military territory by Rohuneeme.

Alternative options: A more direct road can be taken from the Muuga village to Tallinn (the walk will take from a couple of hours to about a half a day): follow Muuga, Pärnamäe, Kloostrimetsa streets, pass the Tallinn TV Tower and Botanical Garden, then go further along the Pirita River health trails to Pirita beach, and continue via the waterfront promenade to downtown Tallinn. City buses pass through the Viimsi Peninsula (and to Muuga) and the network of stops is quite dense: . Feel free to take the taxi.