Nemunas delta.

Section 71. Šilutė – Ventė.

Practical information

Length: 27 km

Duration: 7  – 9 h

Starting point: Tourist Information Office in the center of Šilutė

End point: Ventė cape

Course of the route: Šilutė  – Šyšgiriai  – Rūgaliai  – Povilai  – Stankiškiai  – Šturmai  – Ventė

Road surface: Mostly paved roads, also gravel roads

Difficulty:  Hard (in one day), easy (in two days)

Danger points: Exercise caution when walking on the side of the road!

Alternatives: The section can be split in half: reaching the Kintai Carp Lakes (16 km) or the Village of Minija (Mingė) on the first day, and continuing on to the Ventė Cape (11 km) on the next day. Minija village is known for its unique architecture and its main road, dubbed the “Venice of Lithuania”. It is possible to cross the river by boat (only in summer) to reach the other part of the village. The hike along the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route can be resumed on the following day.